What do you think of when you hear the term “the Church”? Do you think of an institution “over there”? Or do you think of a living, evolving body, of which we ourselves are members? The internationally renowned Australian theologian Professor Richard Lennan develops the latter image over the six sessions of this course. In his lucid, encouraging and stimulating talks, Lennan explores topics such as our shared participation in the mission of the Church, collaboration between lay and ordained ministers, and the question of how we handle change in the life of the Church. A series of engaging readings and activities for reflection reinforce and expand the ideas covered in the Lennan’s presentations. Whether you are a leader in a Church context, or an “ordinary” Christian trying to live a life of love in the circumstances of your everyday life, you are sure to find nourishment for mind and heart in “Becoming Church”.

Course Curriculum

Course Duration (approx): 18 Hours

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